Interior Healthcare Swing Doors - Key Features To Seek Out From A Supplier

If you own a healthcare facility, you may eventually need to purchase new swing doors for the interior. They're an instrumental part of your building, so make sure you get a couple of features from these doors once you find a supplier to buy from.

Soft-Closing Design

Ideally, you want to avoid slamming the doors in your healthcare facility because such an action can cause damage over time. It can also make patients uncomfortable because of the noise created when doors slam. It's thus wise to find hospital swing doors with a soft-closing design. 

The door should have a unique hinge — featuring a hydraulic mechanism — that helps ease the door shut every time. You can let go of the door entirely and subsequently trust it will close softly all on its own. It's a special feature you don't want to overlook, especially if you want these doors to last for as long as possible around your healthcare facility. 

Reliable Sound-Proof Capabilities

When patients go to your facility and enter a private exam room, physicians may discuss some sensitive information with them. Your patients thus deserve privacy the entire time, and you can give it to them if you get swing doors with reliable sound-proof capabilities.

As soon as the swing doors shut completely, a tight seal will form that prevents people from hearing meaningful medical discussions on the other side. Sound-proof doors will have a couple of qualities, such as acoustic door sweeps and thicker materials that have undergone rigorous testing for sound-proof capabilities.  

Stainless Steel Frames

The frames that support your healthcare facility doors are essential to assess before selecting an option. Plenty of great materials exist today, but stainless steel is superior for a couple of reasons.

For one, frames made of stainless steel will be easy to keep clean. You need this design for a healthcare practice that must always have a sterile environment. Secondly, stainless steel frames are impact-resistant. If someone at your healthcare facility uses a lot of force to open the swing doors, the frames surrounding them can remain in good shape and thus save you from costly frame-related repairs.

If it's time to swap out the swing doors in your healthcare facility, you have many solid options. Try to find optimal features in these doors so that after you set them up, you remain happy with how they look and perform for years to come.  

For more info about healthcare doors, contact a local company.