4 Points To Know About Commercial Overhead Door Installation

If you run a warehouse or other type of commercial or industrial operation, your building may have overhead doors for your vehicles to park or for moving your inventory in and out of the building.

Commercial overhead doors are usually bigger and heavier than typical residential garage doors, so their installation is different too. Plus, some commercial overhead doors roll up so operating the door doesn't take up as much space. Here are some important points to know about commercial overhead door installation.

1. Prepare For Downtime

It could take several hours to install an overhead door depending on the type of door you order and its size. If this is the only overhead door on your building, having it out of service could impact your operations. Plan ahead so you can continue working if possible while work is underway.

2. Verify Measurements

Let the overhead door company measure your opening and match the measurements to the right door. They'll also probably verify measurements against the door when the materials arrive. In addition to making sure the door fits the opening, there has to be enough room on the top and sides of the door for mounting the tracks and installing the opener.

You'll also want to prepare ahead of time for the installation by moving inventory, equipment, and other vehicles away from the area so the crew has plenty of room to work.

3. Secure The Door Properly

Different types of overhead doors are installed a little differently, but they have one thing in common. The installers need to make sure the door is secured properly to the wall. The tracks need to be mounted according to the manufacturer's instructions so they can hold the weight of the door.

You should let the overhead door representative know when you're selecting your door about the amount of use the door gets. If it's opened and closed several times each day, you may need heavy-duty installation parts so your door has a long life and operates safely.

4. Pick And Install The Best Opener

Commercial overhead door installation also includes installing the opener. The most important thing is to choose a strong opener that is capable of handling the weight of the door over the long term. However, there's another consideration when it comes to commercial overhead door installation.

You might prefer a high-speed door. These utilize a direct drive motor so they open and close quickly. Having one of these installed has several benefits. You'll have better climate control if the door closes fast, and you'll keep out dust and other debris and contaminants.

Security is improved with a high-speed door too since the door isn't open any longer than necessary. Also, these motors are very durable, so they work well even if your door is used many times each day. 

For more info about commercial overhead door installation, contact a local company.