Quick Guide To Energy-Efficient Doors

If you're looking to save money on your home's utility bills, one of the first places you should be looking at is your exterior doors. Though not as big as your garage door, your exterior doors can still allow for a lot of air to simply pass through unimpeded into the atmosphere, costing you hundreds of dollars every year in lost energy bills. If your doors are old and uninsulated, and you're considering a door replacement, here are a few energy-saving options that should be on your list.


Though wooden doors are the traditional choice for many homeowners, due to their cost and versatility, they typically don't provide the same level of insulation that other types of doors do. Realizing this, most manufacturers create wooden doors that are primarily composite materials; 100% wooden doors are relatively rare, by comparison. If you have your heart set on wood for your next exterior door, ask a company that will perform your door replacement service for the U-value rating, which determines how well the door conducts heat.


If you like the idea of a wooden door but want more energy-saving features at a lower cost, fiberglass may be an excellent option for you. These types of doors are created using a polyurethane core, which makes it lighter and more durable than the average exterior door. This durability extends to its cosmetic properties as well; though you will have the occasional dent, it takes stain and paint well, making it easy to work with.


Glass doors may look amazing, but they're one of the worst when it comes to energy-efficiency. Recent technology has allowed manufacturers to create more insulated glass doors, but those will also be more expensive. If you like the idea of a glass door but don't want to stomach the increased utility bills, consider coupling it with a storm door for added protection.


For the ultimate in protection and durability, you can't go wrong with a metal exterior door replacement. These also use a polyurethane core to provide maximum energy-saving features, and some use magnetic weatherstripping that is easy to replace when the old one is worn down. The concern for most homeowners is the appearance, but modern metal doors can be crafted to fit any kind of design aesthetic you're looking for. Unfortunately, this also drives the price up a tad, but the increased durability and longevity should ensure that maintenance and door replacement is virtually nonexistent.

To learn more, reach out to a local door replacement service.