Are You Designing The Entry Way Of Your House?

Have you ever considered that entering a person's house or entering a place of business sets the mood for the remainder of your stay in that particular building? For example, if you visit a friend and there are lots of toys on the floor right when you enter the house, you probably automatically guess that your friend is a busy mother. Now that you are designing the entry way of your home, you more than likely are thinking that you want to establish a pleasant feeling that will lead to the rest of your house. From selecting a solid wood mahogany door to selecting other decorative pieces, here are some ideas that might help.

Start With The Door - As guests approach your house, one of the first things they will probably notice is the front door. That is especially true if there are one of two things present. If the door is shoddy and ugly, that would for sure be noticed, right? Of course, the opposite is true, too. Picture a gorgeous solid wood mahogany door being the first thing your guests see. They will probably automatically know that there is more beauty awaiting them in the rest of the house. Consider dark brown with wrought iron and glass as part of the design of your solid wood mahogany door. If you want added drama, consider having Tiffany glass as part of the design. Solid wood mahogany doors might be more expensive than other types, but they will probably also last far longer, too. As years go by and the wood is still beautiful, you'll more than likely consider that buying that door was one of the best investments you made in your house.

​Select Additional Decorative - How much space do you have in your entry way? If it is spacious, consider having matching narrow tables that face each other from each wall. Consider placing high-backed chairs at the end of each table. If you have limited space, consider using only a very slim entry table and a smaller chair, still with a high back. Having high-backed chairs that are taller than the tables will more than likely add interest to the setting. Whether you have a lot of space or limited space, think of selecting wood that will complement the solid wood mahogany door you have selected. Adding elegant table lamps will give soft lighting to the entry way, too.

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