Create Living Space by Installing a Patio Cover

Would you like more living space in your home? Do you wish you had another room for a special activity or project? Do you want a space to entertain friends, or would you like to bring your family closer together? Convert a patio into a livable outdoor space by adding a cover. Patio covers can offer light protection or be sturdy enough to stand up to rain and other bad weather conditions. This Old House suggests using a patio cover to create shade in warmer months. When you cover your patio, you'll find that you have many options for using that area. Here are a few ideas. 

Play Space

Even little ones need a space where they can relax and enjoy life. Turn your covered patio into the perfect kid's retreat, and you can watch your children play all day. 

  • Set up a children's table for art projects, picnic lunches, board games and other fun activities. 
  • Place a cozy beanbag chair next to a trunk filled with books, and you have a reading nook. 
  • Bring out a speaker for your MP3 player and designate part of your porch as a dance floor. 
  • Create a toddler playground with plastic slides, climbers or riding toys. 
  • Put out a hopscotch mat or giant tic-tac-toe board for family fun. 

Outdoor Dining Room

A covered porch allows you to take your dining experience outdoors without having to worry about the rain.

  • Set up your outdoor seating when you want to entertain guests. 
  • Turn the space into a breakfast area with a round table and bistro chairs. 
  • Build a fire pit for warmth and outdoor cooking. 
  • Put out a buffet for a special celebration or family get-together.
  • Add a wine locker so your favorite drinks are always near by. 

Teen Room

Give your teen an amazing place to hang out alone or with friends. Teenagers crave privacy and a space of their own. Set up a teen room under a patio cover and give your kids some space while continuing to keep an eye on them. 

  • Set up a television set and a video game system. 
  • Include comfortable gaming chairs. 
  • Put out a refrigerator for sodas and snacks. 
  • A space heater will warm the patio on cold nights. 
  • Use a patio cover with side curtains for privacy and better protection from the weather. 


Create your own outdoor bar using the space on your covered patio. Entertain family and friends, or enjoy a quiet drink with your partner without having to go out. 

  • Build a bar across one side of the patio with shelves for alcohol and glassware. 
  • Hook up to a water line to make it a wet bar. 
  • Set up a refrigerator for beer, wines and spirits that need to be kept cold. 
  • Create a seating area with comfortable chairs or sofas and side tables. 

Game Room

Any family that enjoys playing games will love a space designed especially for that purpose. Your game room will help you make family memories you'll cherish forever. 

  • Set up a gaming table with a space for everyone and some extra places for guests. 
  • Build shelving or get trunks for storing family games. 
  • Hang a dry erase board where you can keep track of high scores and records. 

When you cover your patio, it can increase the living space of your home and become a place you and your family can enjoy together. Choose a simple cover or install something more detailed with curtains or removable sides. Whatever your family's hobbies or needs, you will find that a covered patio lends itself to all kinds of activities and fun. 

To learn more, contact patio cover installation companies.